Wedding Dress Shops

Here is a selection of wedding dress shops based in the South East. If you have visited a shop that isn’t listed please feel free to submit a new review using the top menu.


Screen Name : Dress shopper

Supplier Name: David’s Bridal, South East

Supplier Rating: Three Stars

Review : David’s bridal was very different to other bridal shops, they do stock a good range and if you are desperate to have a Vera Wang or Jenny Packham then it’s a really affordable way to get this. However the experience reflects that the dresses are cheaper, there is one consultant for every four brides and the website’s warnings that there is a strict 90 minute window for looking and trying meant I was aware of running out of time. Whilst I didn’t want 100% one on one attention it was frustrating having so many brides in one room. At first the consultant wanted to help me in and out of each dress but she was so busy that I snuck my sister in to help me dress/undress or I would have been waiting forever. The dressing room area had one pedestal and two lots of mirror for every four brides. However on a few occasions all four brides were out at once and some had brought five or more guests with them so it was extremely hot and crowded. There were so many occasions where I was left standing as the brides wouldn’t move from the mirrors (one stood for ten minutes in front of the mirror crying at how beautiful she looked!!). Whenever a bride chose a dress they rang a bell and posed for a photo at which point everyone stops what they are doing (12 brides and countless friends, mothers etc) to clap, aww etc. This was way too American for my liking and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at how ridiculous the situation was.
On a plus point there was no sales pressure and the assistants were very friendly and accommodating when you got a chance to speak with them. There were no restrictions on taking photos which most boutiques do not allow. Also the site has a catalogue of dresses with price details which is helpful.

It may be worth a visit but my rating reflects the fact I went on a Saturday afternoon. A weekday afternoon would probably result in a much more relaxed experience.

Date of contact with supplier: Autumn 2015