Florist / Flower Wholesalers

Supplier Name: Triangle Nurseries

Supplier Rating: Five Stars

Review : This is for brides looking to DIY their own flowers. I purchased around 100 pink roses and 120 white roses plus some gypsophila which cost around £200 including delivery. Be aware that if you buy from a wholesaler they advise that they should be delivered 2-3 days before the event so that they can ‘open’ properly. They were delivered in long cardboard boxes about 5 foot by 1 foot packed with bunches, I believe they come over from Holland flower markets then Triangle Nurseries re-package them and send them out with couriers.


When they arrive they need conditioning, this is really a two person job. It involved unpackaging all the flowers, stripping the stems of leaves, cutting the stem (using a sharp knife underwater) covered the cut stem with your thumb and then placing it under water in a bucket of luke warm water with flower feed (temperature of water depends on flower type). We were working at full speed and it took us around 2 hours, you need to work as fast as possible to get them in water. We left ours in a cold area with no direct sunlight to keep them fresh.

We bought the lowest grade quality that they sell (they were just to go in vases in and around the venue). But I thought they looked great and my family had them out for about ten days after delivery. Someone commented that they were the most beautiful roses they had seen.

I had a query about delivery and they responded as soon as the office opened, despite being the Tuesday after a bank holiday weekend when they were closed so must have had a mountain of emails. Be aware that flower prices fluctuate at the wholesale markets so the price you see when else researching can’t be guaranteed to be the same as the price when you order. Seasonality or festivals may cause the prices to soar!

We only did DIY for decoration (about 70 crystal vases) and 10 buttonholes so I can’t comment on how well they would last in a bouquet, I imagine it’s more the skill of how you do it so maybe have a practice round.

There is no minimum order but I would suggest if you are only doing a couple of centrepieces M&S could be just as good.

Date of contact with supplier: Autumn 2016

Screen Name: Wharfedale wedding