Bridesmaid Dresses


Supplier Name:

Supplier Rating: Four Stars

Review : There is a HUGE range of dresses and colours but I was very indecisive about ordering online and having it made to order. Also the refunds process doesn’t seem worth all the hassle.

Luckily my dresses arrived as expected. The quality wasn’t amazing and is probably lower than Coast / Ghost..however the prices are a lot lower. For example there wasn’t a hook and eye at the top of zips which I would have expected, the dresses had some lace which wasn’t the highest quality. However the chiffon was a reasonable quality.

With the dresses being made to order delivery times are quite long, but our dresses were delivered within the timescale we were expecting.

They also offer discounts for multiple purchases so for big bridal parties it is a good option. It is worth ordering a fabric swatch in advance.

(Images by Tierney Photography)

Region where the supplier is based: Nationwide

Date of contact with supplier: Spring 2016

Screen Name : Wharfedale Wedding