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As a recent newlywed I was lucky enough to be the first of my friends to get engaged, whilst this meant I didn’t have to worry about date clashes or wedding fatigue it did mean that I missed out on all the recommendations (and warnings) that other brides benefit from.

Whilst planning I struggled to find any independent advice on which suppliers to use. Although many of the blogs have recommended supplier lists, their suppliers tend to be booked up far in advance (and often the prices reflected this). This meant that I had to resort to Google and the reviews suppliers had posted on their own sites.

So many suppliers have beautiful websites and long lists of ‘kind words’ from past brides. After the wedding I realised that some of the best suppliers I used didn’t always have the impressive websites. Frustratingly some of the suppliers with long lists of recommendations were disappointing.

The Wedding Review Spot is an independent resource intended to help brides get real feedback on suppliers, not just the feedback which they choose to share. I hope this site will celebrate the hard work of all the excellent suppliers out there, but also give a bit more information on the others so that new brides can make an informed choice on whether a supplier is right for them.

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