Yorkshire Review: Bettys Ilkey (Catering)

Supplier Name: Bettys, Ilkley

Supplier Rating: Five Stars

Review : We had a DIY drinks reception at Burnsall Village Hall, as we were self-catering we decided to offer scones with jam and cream. We tried all around the local area to get freshly baked scones at our reception but they either weren’t good enough or wouldn’t supply so many. Bettys were really helpful, we ordered 60 scones (about 80p each) and 10 fat rascals (about £2 each), they are baked fresh each morning and my Dad went on the morning of the wedding to collect them. They also gave us plenty of the classic Bettys napkins to serve them with. We collected lots of vintage tea plates and served it with mini jars of tiptree jam and clotted cream (delivered from Waitrose). All in it probably cost less than £200 (for 65 people) whereas canapes would have cost much more and wouldn’t have fit in with the vintage 40’s style of the afternoon.

(photos by Tierney Photogaphy, image of Burnsall Village Hall)

Region where the supplier is based: Yorkshire

Date of contact with supplier: Autumn 2016

Screen Name: Wharfedale Wedding

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