Online Review: Bridesmaid Dress Shop

Supplier Name: Supplier Rating: Four Stars Review : There is a HUGE range of dresses and colours but I was very indecisive about ordering online and having it made to order. Also the refunds process doesn't seem worth all the hassle. Luckily my dresses arrived as expected. The quality wasn't amazing and is probably … Continue reading Online Review: Bridesmaid Dress Shop

North West Review: John Rylands Library (wedding venue)

  Slightly misleading title here... I'm informed John Rylands won't be taking bookings until 2017 so I can't 'review' a wedding here. However having visited multiple times I can tell you how beautiful it is! In the words of Carrie Bradshaw : "Think how perfect. You and I and our love story surrounded by all the … Continue reading North West Review: John Rylands Library (wedding venue)